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Bid Protest Litigation

Given complex contracting models and stiff competition in the region’s procurement marketplace, bid protests have become a common step for both contractors and government agencies across the Northeast. Whether your organization is the protestor or the intervenor, is your legal team well-positioned to defend a challenged bid?

With its deep understanding of the complexities and dynamics at play throughout the federal, state and local procurement processes, CSG’s Bid Protest Litigation team has extensive experience representing contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and others who provide goods, services and property to government agencies.

Our attorneys bring a proven track record assisting on matters related to bid protests, with prior representations including:

  • Defended government entity in a challenge to its award of a construction contract for more than $350 million
  • Obtained final judgment that vacated a public entity’s award of a multi-million dollar contract and ordered that the project be rebid. The public entity had solicited the contract through New Jersey’s competitive contracting model, which allows significant deference to public entities’ contracting decisions, and had ranked the client’s proposal last out of five proposals.
  • Prevented a school board from awarding a contract to a client’s competitor because the award was in violation of the Public Schools Contracts Act, and additionally obtained the award of the contract to our client.
  • Prevented a municipality from awarding an entertainment services contract to a client’s competitor in violation of the Local Public Contracts Law.
  • Compelled a rebid of a solar project being let on behalf of a municipality because of the arbitrary and inconsistent analysis of the bid criteria.
  • Represented an incumbent contractor in a bid protest for a multi-million dollar State of New Jersey contract before the Division of Purchase and Property. Based on our protest brief, the Director of the Division of Purchase and Property found the winning bidder’s proposal materially defective. Consequently, the Director vacated the Notice of Award and ordered a rebid of the RFP.